Can you imagine building a house or a building without a strong foundation?

So how do we build a strong homeschool foundation?

Welcome to this FREE sneak peek of 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years e-course: Building a Strong Homeschool Foundation.

5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years is an online coaching course to help homeschool moms overcome the most common homeschool struggles like:

  • time management: finding “me” time, time to accomplish everything and keeping your sanity
  • choosing the right curriculum for your family
  • homeschooling on a budget
  • finding the right homeschool approach according to your kid’s learning style (we learn about that too!)
  • creating a homeschool routine that really works
  • teaching your kids to be independent learners
  • ways to outsource your homeschool
  • organizing your homeschool and so much more!

Day 1 lesson focus on building a strong homeschool foundation that will set you and your children up for homeschool success.

Here we talk about the importance of:

  • Understanding what homeschooling or home education is and what is not.
  • Knowing your reasons for homeschooling your child/children.
  • Setting goals for your homeschool and for each child individually.
  • Finding inspiration to accomplish your homeschool goals.
  • Writing your homeschool mission statement.

Here is how to experience Day 1 of 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years:

1 – Watch Day 1: Building a Strong Homeschool Foundation video below.

2 – Download your Day 1 worksheet to complete today’s assignment here:5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years – DAY 1 WORKSHEET

–> Don’t forget to check out my Big List of Homeschool Books Recommendations here mentioned in the video.

3 – Your Turn: What are your reasons and goals for homeschooling?

Write the answers for today’s assignments in the comments below.

Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days Testimonial: Jessica“Ana’s coaching course 5 Days To Your Best Homeschool Years is worth taking!! I just finished day one and it was FANTASTIC!!! Ana provided valuable information and practical ideas that both a newbie or veteran homeschool mom can apply in their own homeschool journey.The best part of the course is that you can interact with Ana and get her feedback right away, which makes this course GOLDEN!! Ana’s dynamic personality makes it fun and engaging and it fuels you to want to make the necessary changes that will turn your homeschool years from stressed to blessed!!” – Jessica Anderson, homeschool mom of 3 and blogger at

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