I have spent the past month looking for the best options for Christian homeschool Science curriculum for homeschoolers.

For me, as a Christian homeschool mom and a pastor to teach my kids science from a creation point of view is non-negotiable.

I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything else that exists and I want to teach my children through a Biblical perspective. But choosing the right curriculum for your family can be hard.

8 Favorite Homeschool Science Curriculum for Christians

Our Favorite Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

For the past four years we have been using Sonlight Homeschool Science Curriculum packages and to be honest, their packages are so amazing is hard for me to even try to compare it with another curriculum. I love Sonlight science and their curriculum for other subjects as well!

What I love about Sonlight Curriculum, most of all is the use of living books instead of plain boring textbooks. I love how they carefully craft the Science packages together using fantastic books, biographies, hands-on experiments and even a super fun DVD called, InquisiKids Discovery & Do, that my kids absolutely love watching!

Science curriculum for Christians: This is the Sonlight Curriculum Science B package we are just finishing up this year, focus on ANIMALS, ASTRONOMY, AND PHYSICS.
This is the Sonlight Curriculum Science B package we are just finishing up this year, focus on ANIMALS, ASTRONOMY, AND PHYSICS.

When I asked other Christian homeschool moms what they were using for Science, I discovered that there are other amazing Christian Homeschool Science curricula out there and most of them I have never heard about before!

This year we are also using Apologia Astronomy and absolutely loving it!!

Apologia Astronomy

Here are other favorite Christian Homeschool Science curricula:

“We used Berean Builders. It has a short experiment to go with each lesson. There are also three levels of questions at the end of the lesson so you can do it with all your elementary aged kids at the same time.” Michelle H.

“I love how Sonlight Science feeds a curious child’s mind with many different kinds of scientific topics over the course of a year, via many different kinds of books. So fun!” Gina M.

“We use Berean Builders. I love the history and science combination.” Cassandra E.

“I really love Sonlight Science! Easy IG (instructor guide) for me to follow, and I’m loving the books they send. But my favorite is that the science box comes with all that are needed for the whole year of experiments!” Johanna H.

Apologia! We love it. We have done astronomy, botany and all three zoology books. My oldest has done physiology and anatomy also. We do physics and chemistry next. We don’t do all the experiments and only use parts of the notebook. Astronomy was fun. We did the experiments with friends. Add the app SkyView Free to it lets you see the constellations and labels them for you. Kinda cool.” Katy H.

Young Explorers Voted #1

“I loved the interesting books in Sonlight Science, but stopped using it because of the disjointed way it hopped around from topic to topic, and the age-inappropriate worksheets in science A and B.” Lisa B.

“Depends on the age. Berean Builders: Science in the Beginning for elementary, Apologia for middle-school, other Berean Builders sets and Apologia for high school depending on the subject. Tina B.

“[In our homeschool] three children use Apologia and one uses Berean Builders (currently on Science in the Ancient World).” Becca B.

Science curriculum for Christians

“We use Apologia and like it pretty well. Next year we’ll use Berean Builders – no experience with them yet, but I like what I see flipping through the book.” Amanda S.

“We like experiments and demonstrations in Sonlight Science so the years with the TOPS books have been my kids’ favorites.” Stephanie O.

“Mostly Apologia, though have let my oldest (high school age) pick out a few others that interested her in the areas of Astronomy and Weather. Both of mine will be high school level next year and we will be doing Apologia Biology with lab!” Anita I.

“We have used and enjoyed Elemental Science, both their Intro to Science and Chemistry for the Grammar Stage. (I liked their Sassafrass too, but my son picked the stand alone Chemistry). Next year we are going to try the Berean Builders as I like the science/history connection. We will probably at some point do the Elemental Science Earth Science for Grammar stage.” 

Danielle B.

The top favorite Christian homeschool science curriculum I found, in no particular order, are these:

  1. Sonlight Curriculum
  2. Apologia
  3. Berean Builders
  4. Noeo Science
  5. Elemental Science
  6. Answers in Genesis
  7. A Beka
  8. Christian Kids Explore

If you are looking for the perfect fit for your family, go check these 8 Christian Homeschool Science curriculum out!

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