To The Everything Mom

Dear Everything Mom,

Advances of technology have done wonders on Motherhood, some are fabulous and others outright assault our individuality as mothers if we let them. Every single day we are told to pick ourselves up out of our homes and get going on having a productive life. Or if you are at home, at least make yourself productive at home. What does that mean? What defines productive motherhood for you? This question is no longer directed to me only when I turn on my computer but also as I converse with people who also have images put in front of them all day of Every Mom doing Every Thing.

You read about prioritizing and make your list but then you check Facebook or hear someone’s comment about your lack of productivity and question if you really have anything right. Failing to remember that we are seeing these people’s highlights and quickly turning away our very own special qualities.

The reality of life is that there are times you will simply pour more or less into God, your husband, your family or you. The sooner Moms can admit that the better we can all feel about ourselves.

I am a homeschool Mom with four little kids and found myself beating myself up for not having a quiet time every morning and then it hit me, I read CHAPTERS of scripture every day with my kids before we start school. I find myself reflecting on things in the bible with my kids and at this phase my life that is more than enough. It is perfect.

The real question is, who do we want to give our best to? God? Our Children? Our Husbands? Ourselves? You simply cannot do it all but they are all significantly important.

We experienced a period as a family where my husband worked towards business ownership. During that phase supporting our little ones was all I did. There simply was not an extra minute for myself. During that time we gave any extra we had to our littles. I was a single, homeschooling Mom that year and just keeping our children educated and alive was more than enough, it was amazing.

There have been periods of time where simply maintaining and keeping a pregnancy going was more than enough, it was amazing.

Drawing Dreaming Daughter out of her tender bulb was the goal of my year and watching her blossom like a reluctant flower. It was more than enough, it was amazing.

Or breaking down a wall that had been built between Wild Little Girl and myself one brick at a time until she could finally rest in her Mother’s love again. It was more than enough, it was amazing.

Making a goal for myself to do just one thing from my before Motherhood years and follow through. It was more than enough, it was amazing.

So how do you elbow your way through, Mother Bear? When the world tells you that YOU are the most important and then you can DO everything! You know deep down that is a lie that only brings discouragement to every one of our weary hearts. It takes away from the amazing we are already doing and focuses on the lack while we are in a period when God has called us to pour so much into our precious children and our very important husbands.

Here is the list of the Everything Mom:

Cake Decorator
Piano Playing
Date Planning
Nature Lover
Manicured & Makeup Artist
Home Decorator
Best Organizer
Cleanest House
Dance Mom
Book Reading Enthusiast
Perfectly Groomed Kids
Gourmet Cook0
Well Traveled
Runner Girl
Mrs. Hospitality
Crafty Chic

Surely there are even more you could add to the list but it is daunting enough, is it not? Add to that list a Mom who has a job or homeschools and my head is nearly spinning.

Now I’m not saying it never feels good to accomplish these things because certainly, a key few are important to me. But what I am saying is not to listen to those voices that expect you to be the Everything Mom. Be the things that are important to you and only as many as are right for your own family in whatever phase of life you are in, right now.

Some Mothers are discouraged feeling like they cannot do anything except pour in and never fill themselves up. There are only so many years a woman can take of that! My encouragement to you would be to pick a few things that matter to who you are as an individual and work on them one thing at a time. Carve a small space out of every day and make it happen slowly but surely.

Have confidence in yourself and the things God has called you to enjoy in yourself as an individual. My kids do not feel neglected when they see me do things I am passionate about, their eyes light right up seeing their Mom shine a little light on who I am in Christ!

However trying to be the Everything Mom only creates stress and frustration that not only isn’t necessary but isn’t God’s best for us.

You don’t have to carry that weight anymore!

Leave that pack of unnecessary baggage at the trailhead sister and plow your own trail!

Glorious beauty awaits.

This post was first published at This is a perfect reminder that you are enough doing whatever God called you to do. Let’s celebrate our strengths and not dwell on our insecurities! Let’s celebrate motherhood together.