These past 48 hours have been the most exciting hours since I started this blog about a month ago. Why? Because 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling is kicking off tomorrow!

I always had a burning desire in my heart to share about our homeschooling life with others and after 3 years of homeschooling and a month into blogging, it finally happened!! I wrote my very first blog post about homeschooling!! See, since the very first moment I thought about blogging, sharing about all the wonderful things we do while homeschooling was my goal! I barely had my blog up and running and one of my first blog post’s draft was 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling.

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What it was supposed to be just 1 blog post now has evolved into a HUGE BLOG PARTY and if you are reading this chances are you were invited too!! 31 homeschooling moms, 31 days, 31 blog posts and a lot of fun on social media!!! I had to make it bigger, right? LOL If you know me well… you know I love parties and I have the kind of personality that is “all or nothing”. Poor my husband can testify of that. If I tell him I’m just inviting some people over for a little get-together, he knows what that means… it will not just be a little get-together after all, and he will be the one going back and forth to the supermarket to buy everything I need on my list. (In this case, I have my VA, Amanda Long, helping me with this party’s to do list – thank God!). Before a party, I will work like a maniac to have the floors scrubbed, the house decorated and the best food on the table I can offer. Oh, how I love my husband for putting up with my parties!! So, just like in every party I planned before, here I was, up until 2 am last night, sharing with my friends all about this crazy idea of a blog party I had where we can share our hearts with other moms who have been thinking about homeschooling and how would it be so cool if we could have them participating as well!! Crazy friends – they all said YES!!!

This whole idea of a blog party came to me while I was thinking about how I wish I knew all these things about homeschooling before I started and how thankful I am now after 3 years homeschooling that I have met these amazing homeschooling moms who have taught me so much in such a short period of time. How I wish I had met them years ago and how I wish I had read all the books about homeschooling they have shared with me in these past months. These books and their scopes (Periscope broadcasts) have completely changed my understanding of home education. It has given me new eyes to see beauty in the ordinary moments we spent learning together. What if I could help gathering all of these precious pieces of information and resources, this deep well of homeschooling wisdom, and could offer it in one place to moms who have been thinking about homeschooling their children and have no idea where to begin and what to expect?

So here we are!! From tomorrow, April 1 to May 1, 31 of these amazing homeschooling moms I know, each will be sharing right here one reason they love homeschooling with our readers. You will get a sneak peek into their homeschooling life, routines, approaches, favorite books and so many more wonderful things you will get to know about them, and above all, you will get to know their hearts! These moms are precious and I am very humble to call many of them my friends. This party is open and a VIP invitation is in your hands to share with other moms and bring them to this party!

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If you are wondering about the original list I wrote a month ago with my personal 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling, here it is!!! I made it pretty for you, so feel free to download this free printable here. I hope it will inspire you in your homeschooling journey!

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Every day I will be updating the links for the blog party posts here so make sure you check it out! Also, you can subscribe to receive the daily blog party posts into your inbox so you won’t miss any!

Day 1 – The Unrushed Homeschooling Life That Creates Memories by Ana Willis (ME!) here at They Call Me Blessed and at Live Lean Love Life

Day 2 – Leading My Kids Down God’s Perfect Path by Forest Rose at Kingdom First Homeschool

Day 3 – Freedom!!! by Jo Messett-Jory at Thriving As A Full Time Parent

Day 4 – I Get The Best Of My Kids And They Get The Best Of Me by Kelly Milligan at Coffee Mugs And Little Thugs

Day 5 – Custom Made Kids = Custom Made Education by Amy Michaels at Thrive Homeschooling

Day 6 – Spending Quality Time With Older Generations by Melinda Johnson at J6 Journey

Day 7 – Educating The Tortoise and The Hare by Amanda Jane Krajniak at Raising DaVinci

Day 8 – Why We Love Homeschooling: Family Strength by Amy Milcic at Busy Boys Brigade

Day 9 – Homeschooling Make Us Happier! by Nadine Dyer at Up Above The Rowan Tree

Day 10 – Reflections As We Near The End Of Our Homeschooling Journey by Hilda Manriquez at Promise Living Library

Day 11 – Outsourcing Homeschool by Tamara Lewis

Day 12 – Road-School : Wherever the Moment Takes You! by Yvie Field at Gypsy Road School

Day 13 – It’s a Wabi Wonderful Life by Denise Faccini Bowman at Our Wabi World

Day 14 – Meeting Challenges Head – On by Alisha Brignall at Learning From My Kids

Day 15 – Flower in the Desert: Fostering the Love of Learning by Jessica Anderson at Intentional In Life

Day 16 – A Lifestyle Choice of Daily Education by Melissa Drover at

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Posted by They Call Me Blessed on Thursday, March 31, 2016

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