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  1. Laura says

    This is great for people who keeps asking ” what about their social skills?” what about making new friends ?” They do make friends but kids that share their same interest !

    • Ana Willis says

      You’re so right Laura! I rather have my kids having fewer friends but good ones, from families we know who share the same values, interests, etc than having tons of “friends” in school I don’t even know where they are coming from, what values do their families share, what kind of influence they could have on my kids, etc…

  2. Michelle says

    Thank-you for using a real definition of “socialization” and how it works with your homeschool life, instead of just saying “Socialized? My kids see people and have friends and are therefore socialized.”

    • Ashley White says

      There’s a lot of power behind that one definition, right?! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the post. Keep up the awesome work that you are doing in your homeschool:0)

    • Ashley White says

      You know he did but I am happy to say after the conversation…all was cleared up and he was WOWed!
      Thanks for enjoying my perspective and the post. Keep up the awesome work that you are doing in your homeschool:0)

  3. Valerie Chamberlain says

    Love, love, love this post, Ashley!! What a great answer to such an exasperating question!! I feel like this will bring many skeptics to their aha moment on this topic. Nice work!

  4. Beth Napoli says

    When asked about socialization, I say, “Oh, you must mean ‘socializing”. Yes, my kids have experience having engaging conversations with all ages of people, not just their peers.” That usually stops the conversation.
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  5. Amy says

    What an awesome example of just some of the many ways homeschoolers are socialized AND have time to give back, make connections, and have the freedom to experience real-life learning. Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog to address the socialization question! <3

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