How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling? Actually is very easy and I’m sure you have been making some of these mistakes in your homeschool right now and have not even noticed.

How do I know that? Because it wasn’t until my third year homeschooling that I realized that a lot of what I was doing was actually causing my kids and myself to hate homeschooling.

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How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

You Can Easily Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling If You…

#1 – Keep adding more curriculum.

We homeschool moms, are addicted to adding more to our curriculum! We need to get rid of this addiction. The reality is: all these extras are making our homeschool overwhelming and unproductive.

Every sale we see or every conference we attend is not a license for us to spend more money or to add more to our homeschool. Surely, if it is a necessity, you should shop for what you need. Otherwise, let’s manage well what we have in our hands first!

#2 – Keep changing the routine or have no routine.

If you are making this mistake, your kids are probably constantly lost like a GPS trying to recalculate their location and route. I know it takes a few weeks to find the perfect routine and a few tweaks here and there to adjust. That’s a good thing. But don’t keep changing your routine every week.

Routine in our homeschool makes our days go smoothly, help our kids be more independent and without a fixed routine your kids will never know what to do next, neither will you!

This weekly routine and homeschool assignments checklist has done wonders for our homeschool. You can download it free here:

#3 – Feel constantly overwhelmed.

If you are overwhelmed, chances are you are also cranky, irritable, short tempered and you’re kids are not really excited about being around you. Plus, you must be in a place where you just hate homeschooling your kids right now because it is feeling like a burden and an obligation more than a calling.

Mom, if this speaks to you, you need to take care of yourself – put your oxygen mask on! Learn to relax, cut the extras that are overwhelming you. You really need to evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

Perhaps you need to consider to outsource part of your homeschool or give your children more independent learning time.

After we added some digital learning time in the afternoons for our kids, I finally have time to maintain my house in order and even listen to a podcast or read a book every now and then. While they spend 30minutes to an hour on the iPads, this mama here has a quiet time, all for herself!

How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

#4 – Overwork your children.

Give them tons of copywork to do, 5 pages of Math problems and a whole lot more daily while doing school from 8am to 5pm. Yep! That’s exactly what I was doing to my poor little kids!! My kids were tired, complaining, their joy was gone and so was mine. It was way too much and at the end of the day, we were not being more productive or learning a lot more.

Charlotte Mason recommended that we keep our lessons shorts, about 20 minutes each for the youngest ones. Today I recognize that my kids only need to daily copy a paragraph and do well a page or two of math to really learn.

Brave Writer is a great and gentle Language Arts curriculum that made a big difference in our homeschool and so did CTC Math, a full online Math curriculum we use with all three children here.

#5 – Overschedule your children.

Homeschool already takes a big chunk of our days, plus we have all the house work to do and for some of us, work to do from home or outside the home as well. Try to keep your family’s schedule light if you don’t want you or your kids to burn out!

This year we cut out on extracurricular lessons for our kids. Yep, we did! No ballet, no swimming, no ice skating, etc… Why? Because we were all running in an exhaustion mode and having no family time to just chill and spend time together.

By freeing our schedule, the difference in our family was HUGE!! We have been much happier, more productive in our homeschool and none of my kids ever complained about not going to extra classes.

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#6 Teach all subjects every day.

You can’t do twelve subjects in a day! Maybe I’m exaggerating but it surely feels like it sometimes.

Have you tried a loop schedule? At our homeschool, we keep Language Arts and Math as daily subjects then we alternate between science and History/Geography from Monday to Thursday leaving Fridays for fun extra subjects using a loop schedule like nature studies, picture studies, composers, hymn study, etc.

BEST TIP EVER: Keep it simple and keep your lessons short. The less the better!

#7 Make homeschooling boring.

Did you know that you can play games with your kids while they learn? There are tons of games that are extremely educational. For example, for spelling we use a game called Roll’n’Spell from Magnobrain. My kids love playing it!

Why not add some game time into your homeschool schedule. This is a great way to take a break from books while your kids keep learning.

#8 Fall into the comparison trap.

Never compare your children and never compare yourself with other homeschool moms. You are unique, your kids are unique.

Imagine how your kid feels when you say “See, Johnny. Luke is doing chapter 30 of his math book already. He is a good student and you are behind!” Yes, that’s how they feel – sad!

Walk according to your kids’ pace, not anybody else’s. Your homeschool journey, pace, and approach are completely and uniquely yours.

To stop making your kids hate homeschooling is also easy!

Be honest and ask yourself if you are making some of all of these mistakes. Then be intentional to reverse these and create a homeschooling environment that your kids and you will love instead!

  • Will dropping some extracurricular classes help ease out the load?
  • Could adding some fun games or field trips make your homeschool days more fun?
  • How about implementing a solid routine that will help your kids and yourself run on autopilot mode for good?

On which one of these mistakes you need to start working on right now? Don’t try to do it all at once. Pick just one or two, to begin with, or take a few days off from homeschooling and do a complete makeover!

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