Struggling with homeschool productivity during Christmas?

Are you almost ready to give up homeschooling during the Holidays all together?? Fret not!! I got your back, friend!

My kids have been singing Harking the Herald Angels Sing all day long around here too!

As a homeschooling mom of three children, in three different grades who also runs a blog and online business fulltime, life is pretty busy! So I needed a system that works to keep us all productive here.

Homeschool Productivity During Christmas

The solution for the problem was to dress up our chores and homeschool weekly checklist and let them add Christmas stickers to every task they accomplish and one more BIG TIP I will reveal down below!

Our most popular printables are now dressed up for the Holidays and are helping this mama here to keep things working while we are “Christmasing” everything around here: from reading aloud to music studies – It’s ALL about Christmas!!

Increase Your Homeschool Productivity During Christmas By Reinforcing Your Routine While Adding some Holiday Sparks Into It!

I have to say that we haven’t changed our routine here at all! We just added Christmas to everything like I said. Our morning basket is filled with Christmas books and we start every morning with our Advent reading and activities. We are loving The Shepherd on The Search and Christmas Love Letters From God!!!

Homeschool Productivity During Christmas
Our Christmas morning basket – Click on the picture to buy the book.
Homeschool Productivity During Christmas
What I love the most about Christmas Love Letters From God is that the moment we finish reading a story my kids want to write back to God.
Homeschool Productivity During Christmas
This is the Sheperd On The Search, our new Christmas tradition!! Love it!

Now back to our routine…As a mom who needs to run a house, to teach three different grades to my children, and to work from home every day, having a plan in place makes my days run smoother a routine is crucial to have in place!!

A routine takes the guessing factor off my daily plans and of my kids too! No more “Mom, what do I do next?” one hundred times a day!! Halleluyah!! We all have a plan in hand and a list to follow.

Increase Your Homeschool Productivity During Christmas Using These Checklists!

Lists and checklists can be your best friends when you are running your life on a mom’s brain! I don’t know about you, but if I want to remember to do something, I need to write it down! Lists and checklists keep me focused and help me not to waste time.

It works the same for our children. Having weekly checklists in place for each of my children daily have also helped them to focus on what they need to accomplish.

Having a daily routine in place and a weekly checklist keeps us all accountable, focused and productive, even during Christmastime!

Download These Free Printables to Increase Homeschool Productivity During Christmas!

I have created these awesome printables a few months ago for my kids and it became our most popular printable in this blog! So I thought “why not dressing these babes up for Christmas to help us with our homeschool productivity too?” I’m so glad I did. My kids love it!!

So, here I am again, sharing some cool Christmas chores and homeschool checklist with you.  I want this to help your children being more independent and accountable like it helped mine!

BIG TIP: You know those cheap chocolate advent calendars? Buy one for each and let them know they can eat their chocolate of the day after finishing up their chores and homeschool assignments. 😉 It works wonders!

You can either print these every week or print it once and laminate it and have it in a clipboard for each of your children. Because we use a binder for their homeschool work, I choose to print a few copies and keep it in the side pocket of their homeschool binder. The moment they open their binders on Monday morning, they know exactly what they need to accomplish daily. BINGO!

Homeschool Productivity During Christmas

Your Turn: Are you homeschool productivity suffering during the Holidays? Give these checklists a try and let me know how these work for you! Please comment below and let me know. 🙂

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