I am so excited to share these top 10 homeschool posts with you! I can hardly believe that this blog was only launched 10 months ago and how much our online community has grown!

Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016 & How They Can Help You in 2017

I feel blessed and honored to know that these top 10 homeschool blog posts have served their purpose which is to inspire and encourage you as a homeschool mom and to help you make your homeschool journey a joyful and blessed one!

My goal in 2017 is to produce even better blog content, challenges, and courses that will help make your life easier as a busy homeschool mom. To help me know exactly what you need please take a minute to fill out this survey.

Here Are Our Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016!

#1 – Teach Kids Independence and Responsibility (Free Printables!)

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to teach kids independence and responsibility, this is it! This checklist has cut our homeschool time down almost to half!

My kids have been a lot more independent because they have directions to follow. I was even surprised one morning by my 8-year-old who woke my up to let me know he had already finished all his math and Language Arts for the day!! How awesome is that?

Are you ready to let your kids do a lot more homeschool work on their own so you can finally finish your cup of coffee? Click on the picture to read the post and download your free checklists.

#1 of Top 10 Posts in 2016 - Teach Your Kids Independence & Responsability

#2 – 7 Tricks to Organize Your Homeschool in Your Dining Room

Who said you do need a homeschool school room to homeschool your children or make your whole house look like a classroom?

Let me show you how to organize your homeschool space in your dining room without having it like a full classroom and still maintaining class and style.

So if you are lacking ideas to organize your homeschool anywhere in your house, check out this blog post!

#2 Top Homeschool Post in 2016 - 7 Tricks To Organize Your Homeschool in Your Dinning Room

#3 – How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

Even though I only posted this in December it had immediately jumped to my list of Top 10 homeschool posts in 2016!

Why? Because it speaks truths that cause transformation!

We can all identify with at least a few of those 8 mistakes in homeschooling that most moms commit without even realizing how much it is killing their love for homeschooling.

I have committed every single one of them and once I realized that our homeschooling days were joyful again! 🙂

This is your chance to identify which ones you are committing now and how to turn it around to ensure you will have your best homeschooling year ever!

#3 Top Homeschool Post in 2016: How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

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#4 – Tricks to Organize Your Homeschool Space in Your Living Room

Everyone needs a homeschool space to homeschool, right? Well, not really!

And homeschooling in your living room can make your house messy, very messy… Unless you have really good hiding places for everything.

Here is how to organize your homeschool space in your living room without making it look like a disaster!

You will really like this post if your family loving reading books on the living room sofa or if you are into morning baskets, use learning boxes (or will start after reading this post!) and playing educational games on the living room.

Trust me, this #4 of our Top 10 Homeschool Posts can help you solve your homeschool space dilemma! 😉

#4 Top Homeschool Posts in 2016: ORGANIZE YOUR HOMESCHOOL space in your living room

#5 – Modern Secular Charlotte Mason

This guest blog post from my friend Nadine Dyer at Up Above The Rowan Tree has been one of the most-read posts on this blog since we launched our 30 Ways We Homeschool blog party in August.

In this post, Nadine shares her Modern Secular Charlotte Mason homeschool approach, her daily homeschool routine and even the curriculum she chose for her kids and why. She is so inspiring!

This post is a great example of how you can tweak any approaches to make it fit your family!

#5 of Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016: Modern Secular Charlotte Mason Homeschool Approach, Routine and Curriculum

# 6 – A Modern Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Another inspiring guest post from 30 Ways We Homeschool Blog Party! It’s amazing how much the same homeschool philosophy can be use in so many different ways! Here is a modern Charlotte Mason homeschooling approach. Denise is a local homeschool mom and a friend who is absolutely creative and talented!

Denise is a local homeschool mom and a dear friend who is absolutely gifted, creative and talented! She has the power of telling stories through her pictures and to enchant us with her words. She recently got back into blogging at Our Wabi World.

This post will leave you inspired!

#6 of Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016: Modern Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

#7 – Our 2016-2017 Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

So your little one is ready for Kindergarten and you need clear directions on how to homeschool your kindergartener especially how to choose the perfect kindergarten curriculum?

Fear not! In this post I share all about starting to homeschool my Kindergarten this past year and exactly what I am using with her and why I choose the curriculum, books and resources I did!

This is such a fun age to teach! They are so curious and creative. You will discover the world with your little one as you read books, explore new ideas, do arts projects and even do some cooking together!

Check out the awesome resources we are using here!

#6 of Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016: Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

#8 – How to Make Your Own Homeschool Planner (that Works for You!)

All right! Confession time here. I have bought so many homeschool planners that did not work for me that I lost count!

Luckily I’ve learned a trick or two from my friend Rebecca Spooner at Hip Homeschooling Blog that finally worked for me like magic!!

This is a guest post from Rebecca during our 10 Days of Homeschool Organization Blog Party.

Are you ready to learn to make your own homeschool planner and never waste money on planners again?

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#9 – Keeping It Simple: A Large Family Relaxed Homeschool Approach

Are you homeschooling with a large family? Is it possible to have a large family relaxed homeschool approach?

The answer is YES!!!

Meet Shelly, a homeschool mother of 11 and fellow blogger, who believes in keeping homeschool simple and relaxed.

You don’t even need to have a large family to learn great things from this guest post!

#9 of Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016: A Large Family Relaxed Homeschool

#10 – 10 Habits of a Highly Encouraged Mom

Real mom talk here: this motherhood thing is hard! We need lots of encouragement and support to do this right. So I thought a lot about ways that keeps any mom encourage on a daily basis and these 10 habits came to my mind.

Are you in need of serious encouragement? Not the kid that comes and goes. I’m talking about becoming a highly encouraged mom!

I promise you that if you start applying these 10 habits to your life you will see a huge difference in your mood, thoughts, words, and perspective, not only in motherhood but in life in general!

Ready to become a highly encouraged mom? Check this post out, print the checklist and keep it where you can see daily and let me know how this post changes your life!

10 Habits of a Highly Encouraged Mom | motherhood | faith

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Top 10 Homeschool Posts in 2016 & How They Can Help You in 2017

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